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Below i have presented you the top adult affiliate websites that in this moment dominates the adult webcam business. With a little work (2 hours a day) in 8 mounths you should win good money ,with a little luck for the begining 200$ per week, with every affiliate program i have enumerated below

Mtree – 40$ per free signup and 30% revshare

SexTracker MoneyTree

Streamate Free Live Cams

Earn $40 per join giving away Free Memberships to the fastest growing live cam site on the web! We now also offer a console free linking option for each of the cam programs. Converting your traffic has never been easier with our fresh marketing tools, new linking options, and free chat!

Program Overview

  • Free Cams $40 per join
  • Gay Cams $35 per join
  • Tranny Cams $35 per join
  • Revshare 30%
  • Referral up to 10%
  • Per Join $38 per join
  • Impressions .01 cent

Affiliate with Mtree

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AdultWebmasterEmpire – 100$ Signup Bonus And Free Epassporte


    Refer Customers

    Choose the best program for your traffic. We offer three different ways to make money by referring customers:

  • Pay Per Signup (PPS): paying $40 for every new customer you refer
  • Revenue Sharing (REVS): paying 30% (plus up to 10% bonus) of revenues generated
  • Co-Brand or Whitelabel Lifetime Revenue Sharing (CBRND): Start your own adult live cam business without the added costs. Your brand, your design, lifetime revenue sharing
LiveJasmin Models Wanted

    Refer Cam Models

    Introduce new video chat hosts to our sites.

  • Make as much as 36% on referred cam models’ earnings, right from the start.
  • PLUS Earn up to 18% on any webmasters’ earnings they refer.
  • PLUS Earn up to 18% on any cam models’ earnings they refer.
  • PLUS Earn up to 18% on ALL new members that your referred cam model brings!

    Refer Affiliates

    Inviting affiliates to AWE is an easy way to increase your profits. Spread the word using the marketing channels available to you.

  • Make as much as 36% on referred webmasters’ earnings right from the start.
  • PLUS get up to 18% on all new webmasters’ earnings they refer.
  • PLUS get up to 18% on all new cam models’ earnings they refer.
  • PLUS get up to 18% on ALL new members’ that your referred webmaster brings.

AWEmpire’s affiliate program can provide you with:

A very large variety of Xml and Rss feeds and a very good xml parser.You can build a really good website with that parser, live feeds, iframes and all the promo tools you may think about

Program: 30% Revenue Share And $40 Per New Members

Awempire’s Sites:

  • – Conversion 1:300
  • – Conversion 1:400
  • – Conversion 1:400
  • – Conversion 1:240

Affiliate with awempire

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PussyCash – 100$ For Every ImLive Sign-Up (10 Members – 1000$ )

PussyCash’s affiliate program can provide you with:

PussyCash shares the knowledge and insight gained from years of experience. Rich promo tools, rss feeds , live theater, co-brand’s and you can even build your own promo tool

Program: Up to 50% Lifetime Revenue Sharing, 10% Payable In VideoChat Credit From Every Payout

PussyCash ’s Sites:

  • – the world’s largest webcam arena
  • – the fastest growing adult dating site
  • – the biggest VOD movie library on the net

Affiliate with pussycash

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CamSiteCash – 100$ Signup Bonus, 25% LifeTime Revenue Share

NEW! WhiteLabel!
Create your own cam site in minutes! Be your own webcam sex site manager with CamSiteCash’s new WhiteLabel solution!
  • Unlimited domains
  • 25% LifeTime Revenue Share
  • +10% from other Webmasters’ sales
  • Easy to manage
  • Create in minutes
  • Fully customizable
$100 Signup Bonus!
Create an account now and get $100 immediately added to your account!
  • Get $100 instantly
  • No minimums
  • No perquisites
25% LifeTime Revenue Share
  • No limits!
  • Earn for the entire period of the Membership!
  • Earn from every single purchase!
50% Promotional Revenue Share
  • Get a Boosted Commission for up to 2 weeks!
  • Earn 50% from every single Credit purchase!
$40 for every new sale!
  • Get $40 for every New Member Signup
20% Webmaster Referral for Life!
Invite your fellow webmasters with your link code and start earning from their income for Life!
  • No limits!
  • Refer as many as you can!
  • Start earning immediately!
5% 10% Studio and Model Referral for Life! Boosted commissions!!!
Refer new Studios or Models to our Cam Sites and start earning from their income for Life!
  • No limits!
  • Refer as many as you can!
  • Start earning immediately!
Bi-weekly payments
Always on time!
  • Epassporte
  • Cheque
Revolutionary Easy-to-use Ad Campaign Management
Manage your advertisements, promo tools in a way you always wanted!
  • Easy management!
  • Easy configuration!
  • Minimal knowledge is required!
  • Simplified linking codes!
  • Change ad targets with a few clicks!
  • Never bother with linking code changes again all over your sites!
Detailed Campaign Statistics
Track your Sales, Conversions, Hits, Unique Visitors in a simple and easy way!
  • Sale stats
  • Coversion tracking by Campaigns
  • Coversion tracking by Ad Tools
  • Visitor and Hit Stats
Promote Multiple Live Webcam Sex Sites
Our Webcam Sex site portfolio is still growing larger!
  • Different websites by niches
  • Different websites by prices
Live Webcam Promo Tools
Flash based embeddable real live webcam promo tools! Give your visitors what they want!
  • Live Streams
  • Live Chats
  • Fake Chats
  • Live Banners

White Label Ex:

CamSiteCash Sites:


Affiliate with CamSiteCash

Models And Studios Earn big $$$

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NeonDollars – 150$ signup bonus and 30% revshare

Neoncam’s affiliate program can provide you with:

Xml feeds, hosted galleries and the best withe label a sponsor will ever give to webmasters with easy and good seo configuration


  • UP TO $55 PPS

NeonDollars’s Sites:

  • Neoncams

Affiliate with NeonDollars

Earn big $$$ as a model

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Webcams – 60% Of All Subscription Fees

WebCams’s affiliate program can provide you with:

Numerous RSS feeds and parser to keep your site updated dynamically using their content and online models. Access to the full content database including over 100,000 pictures and 1000’s of videos

Program: 42$+ For 4,99$ Trial Member, 25$ For Free Member, 25% Revenue Share For Life

Unique niches (very good conversion):

  • Porn Stars – PornStars On WebCams
  • Pregnant – Pregnant Girls
  • Indians – Rare Indians

Affiliate with

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Carpediem – 15 Euro Per Each Free Member

CarpeDiem’s affiliate program can provide you with:

A vast area of promo tools including Xml feeds, Co-Branded sites. A search engine wich you can include in your site, hosted galleries, useful scripts and codes.

Program: 25% Sales Commission , 15 Euro Per Customer

Carpediem’s Sites:

  • – One-To-One Shows
  • – The Temple Of XXX Movies
  • – Messenger developed For VideoChat

Affiliate with Carpediem

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PeeksCash – All New Webmasters Are Awarded $100 For Signing Up

affiliate with peekscash

PeeksCash’s affiliate program can provide you with:

PHP Site Builder. Easily build a custom PHP site. WordPress plugins (online models), RSS 2.0 feeds with all model blogs, updated daily. Premade Template Applets, banners

Program: 20% Lifetime Revenue Sharing

Model Lists:

Refreshed every 5 minutes

  • Sorted Lists – a list of best ranked PeekShows Models
  • 10 Newest – 10 newest PeekShows Models
  • Top 10 – Top 10 PeekShows Models
  • All Online – ALL the PeekShows Network models online

Affiliate with PeeksCash

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InterClimax – Up to 140$ Per Member

click here for 100% live action

InterClimax’s affiliate program can provide you with:

Numerous RSS feeds and parser to keep your site updated dynamically using their content and online models.

Program: Up to 140$ per Signup


Affiliate with interclimax

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CamSense – 40% Lifetime Revenue Share Program

Camsense the No1 Live videochat webmaster program

CamSense’s affiliate program can provide you with:

In promo tools section they are not so reach as other sites but they stil have iframes, banners, very good hosted galleries and nice , good converting chathost pictures

Program: Up To 40% Revenue Share

CamSense’s Sites:

  • – Conversion 1:250
  • – Conversion 1:300
  • – Conversion 1:200
  • – Conversion 1:300

Affiliate with camsense

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